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Would you like to learn chemistry or want to understand it better? JP Yadav Academy gurus will be happy to help. Join our Chemistry Tuition Centre in Ramnagar and take the benefits of this course.

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                                                                      Sri.  J.P. Yadav                                                                  [18 years of teaching experience in U.P. Government Intermediate Colleges as a Lecturer]          (In Chemistry)


JP Yadav Academy provides one-to-one tutoring service to all students with the very best academic tuition for Chemistry, Maths & Physics etc. When it comes to excellent tuition center, you’re in great hands with us.

Our chemistry tutoring can also provide your child the encouragement and discipline that are so essential to being prepared and feeling confident for that big chemistry test or final exam.

JP Yadav Academy videos clarify the most of the topics from the beginning and enable to understand the concepts with ease. This comprehensive bundle of Class 12 Chemistry which includes Study Planner, NCERT Solutions, Mind Map, Revision Notes, Previous Year Exam Questions & Solutions and a Test Paper with video solution makes learning an interesting and fruitful experience.

Course Features

  • Revision Notes
  • Test paper with Video Solution
  • Study Planner.
  • NCERT Solution
  • Discussion Forum
  • Previous Year Exam Questions

About Chemistry

Chemistry is all about the study of matter and its interactions with energy and other matter. Chemistry holds a picture of being a very irritating and complicated science, but for most of the reasons, this reputation isn’t worth. It cannot be at any rate boring since explosions and fireworks depend on chemistry. It teaches the basics of how things work and above all, chemistry explains the whole world around you.

Chemistry manages with such topics as the properties of individual atoms, how atoms form chemical bonds to create chemical compounds, the interactions of substances through intermolecular forces that give matter its general properties, and the interactions between substances through chemical reactions to shape distinctive substances. All the topics in the bundle of Class 9th and 12th Chemistry have been prepared considering the needs of students preparing for elite exams like IIT JEE (Main and Advanced).

The Chemistry hypothesis has been well supported with illustrious examples to help students excel in this section.

Advantages of Chemistry Tuition Centre in Ramnagar

  • Provide required attention

Chemistry subject includes named reactions, chemistry formulas and equations that just cannot be memorized but need to be clear with the concept. A good tuition center can act as a perfect place for students by allotting necessary attention along with a friendly style of explaining the chemistry equations and theories. For example, if the concepts like the Periodic table that forms a basis for every chemical reaction are not clear, no matter how regular is the student to the class, he won’t be interested in any explanation since the basic concept is yet to be cleared.

  • Online Tutoring

The student can also opt for online tuition and save traveling time along with heavy bags filled with heavy textbooks. The best ideal case is JP Yadav Academy – the learning application that provides video classes along with one to one mentoring to clear any queries. The learning app acts as a personal tutor in the form of video lectures and impressive animations and graphics developed by experts.

Why Take Chemistry Tuition from JP Yadav Academy?

Chemistry can be exciting! It can open you up to a world of experiments, reactions, and elements. But it can be a tough subject to master if you don’t? have your basics right.

You can enjoy one-to-one learning with a phenomenal Chemistry class that is handpicked by JP Yadav Academy.

  1. Having an expert team of selected Chemistry Tutors
  2. Extensive Teaching/Tutoring Experience
  3. Thoughtful, Flexible Teaching Styles

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