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Digital Marketing Course in Ramnagar

Digital Marketing Course in Ramnagar – As the Digital Marketing is an online marketing used for marketing purpose of products and services through various online channels to reach customers. This Digital marketing course is used for branding, increase traffic, reach a targeted audience and increase sales through various social media channels.

Consequently, a strong social media plan can help to tap the interest of customers. Despite the fact that social media has been a primary mode of communication channels in the present situation, it is very important for all the business to have a digital presence.

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What is Digital Marketing?

At a high proficiency level, digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through various digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. While this term covers an extensive variety of marketing activities, all of which are not around settled upon.

This program is intended for sales and marketing executives who want to take advantage of digital marketing techniques to improve their and their company’s performance. Early career sales/marketing/advertising and IT professionals searching for a career shift to digital marketing will find this program useful. Entrepreneurs willing to adopt digital marketing for their business growth will benefit from this program.

To accomplish above objectives, participants will be exposed to different digital marketing techniques (e.g., search engine marketing, social media, mobile marketing, and content management) during the course. Through this course, students will be able to appreciate the importance and effectiveness of digital marketing.

Syllabus of Digital Marketing Course

  • Basic Marketing and Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online display and Video Marketing
  • Branding and Marketing Communication in Digital Age
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing and E-mail Marketing
  • Digital Media and Marketing Analytics
  • Website Design and E-commerce
  • Managerial Communication and Content Management on Digital Platform
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Managing People and IT for Digital Marketing
  • Monetising Digital Assets
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Who can be a Digital Marketing Specialist?

  • Students / Fresher’s / Not Graduates / Graduates
  • Freelancers
  • Sales / Marketing Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • Seeking a career growth in Digital Marketing
  • It’s open for all who wants to be a Digital Marketing Specialist

Eligibility for this Digital Marketing Course

  • Job Seekers who want to do the job in this field can do a Crash course of Digital Marketing.
  • Any IT graduate can do this course
  • The minimum work experience for the program is 24 months that may be waived for MBAs.

We promise you the best

We assure you 100% quality training and services provided by JP Yadav Academy.

What Benefits to join Digital Marketing Course in Ramnagar?

  1. Student – They join this course who are seeking a job in this field.
  2. Start-up – Owners – This helps them to reach a more targeted audience and cope up with the competition.
  3. Job Seekers – They can learn Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing) and be future ready.
  4. Business Owners – This helps them to reach a more targeted audience and cope up with the competition.
  5. Freelancers – Digital Marketing Training can help them to reach their targeted audience (Business Owners) and generate more revenue.
  6. Sales/Marketing Professionals – Digital Marketing Training boosts their sales hence wonderful career.
  7. Housewives – Digital Marketing can provide best opportunity to earn working from home.
  8. Working Professionals – Can create an opportunity to start a parallel income stream without leaving their current job.