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Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar – Become a Laptop Repairing Specialist, Join our Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar, Varanasi.

So, if you are looking for Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar and taking admission in JP Yadav Academy can be really beneficial for you.


JP Yadav Academy provides you the best opportunity to Learn and Change your Future with a Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar. These Courses endow students with the latest laptop repairing training Institute. Through this course, students can enter the growing laptop repairing marketplace as a laptop engineer or technician.

We have more than years of experience in the technical education industry and are known for offering the best Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar.

We have started laptop repairing course in Ramnagar, Ramnagar for developing and training the student. With a view to make our course up to dates and as per the demand, we take advice from students, experts and try to bring the same thing in our training course. So, every time when you see our course you find it more improved and added to the content that’s on offer.

Our Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar, Ramnagar is the easiest way to train you to deep and complete repair all laptops successfully and earn a great income doing it.

JP Yadav Academy | Laptop Repairing Course in Ramnagar

In Ramnagar, you can easily find our tuition center. Students can apply for different laptop repairing courses in our institute. You can do proper research before selecting any particular laptop repairing course in Ramnagar, Varanasi. Basically, every year many laptops are thrown in the storerooms. These devices should be perfectly repaired to save money. Instead of buying new laptops replacing old ones, it is much cost effective to repair the defective laptops. However, we will have to serve proper training on laptop repairing.

If you want to cut your expenses, think of opting for laptop repairing jobs at home. Professional technicians charge higher rates to replace, modify and install new chips into laptops. It is not profitable for you. However, the easy solution is at your hand when you take up the basic chip level.

What you get in Software Section of Laptop Repairing Course

  • Troubleshooting: Identifying if you have a software or hardware problem.
  • OS: Handling OS/non-booting problems.
  • Malware: Dealing with viruses and spyware.
  • Networking: Ensuring maximum compatibility between the laptop and various networks
  • Performance: Performing Utility checks to maximize the computer’s performance.

Additional Knowledge of Laptop Repairing that is included

  • Access to vital service and diagnostic software.
  • Service manuals on hundreds of laptops you will most likely use to practice on, giving detailed instruction on stripping down specific laptops.
  • Where to find service manuals from the major manufacturers.
  • Video section: Video tutorials to show you how to carry out all manner of laptop repairs and maintenance, step-by-step.
  • Using the internet as one of your most vital tools.
  • Access to the latest Boot CD (an essential tool for recovering lost files, repairing a broken OS etc.)

We are an using the best available application from IT industry apart from providing IT courses we also manage documentation and design appropriate formats for our students.

Chip Level Trouble Shooting & Repair of Laptop Motherboard, Motherboard, Printer, TFT, MONITOR-Identification of components, Meter checking of components, Transistor and IC used, Soldering and De-soldering, Datasheet of Transistor & IC used, checking of TR & IC, Sections of Monitor, Scanning, CRT, Circuit detail, Monochrome and color monitor working of components, Input Port signal path.

Our Mission

Our institution aims at imparting the best possible education to the pupils. It enables them to develop a sound moral character and a high intellectual sense. We emphasize on flowering of an all-round personality of the student and also instill in them a sense of true discipline. Our goal is to inculcate in them qualities which would make them ideal citizens of the country ready to shoulder responsibilities in life.

We Endeavor to lay special emphasis on duties of every child towards the nation and fellow Indians and to promote in them the spirits of unity hard-work and fraternity. It is our firm belief that each child should imbibe the invaluable ideas and tradition of the glorious Indian culture to make them worthy sons & daughter of the country.

Chip Level Courses

  • Tablet PC Repairing Course
  • Advance Tablet PC Repairing
  • Mobile Repairing Course
  • Advance Mobile Repairing
  • Laptop Repairing Course
  • Advance Laptop Repairing
  • Projector Repairing Course
  • Advanced Projector Repairing
  • BGA Machine Repairing Course
  • Networking Course
  • Service-center Training
  • Advance Expert Course

Why Should You Join JP Yadav Academy?

There are so many reasons to join JP Yadav Academy Institute, let’s know few JP Yadav Academy Institute offers an opportunity to make a successful career in the laptop repairing world. We have been doing it for successive years with job placement assistance guarantee and that’s the main reason JP Yadav Academy is the first choice of all students:

  1. Practical Training
  2. Learn from Expert trainers
  3. Flexible batch timings
  4. Enjoy free demo class
  5. Placement Assistance
  6. Fully furnished Practical’s lab
  7. One-to-one sessions