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Mobile Repairing Course in Ramnagar

Mobile Repairing Course in Ramnagar – Welcome to Mobile Repairing Course in Ramnagar, Taken the good decision at right time. If you are interested in forming a career in this field, we think that our mobile repairing course is the best solution for you.

About Us | JP Yadav Academy

JP Yadav Academy is proud to be the first exclusive institution to pioneer in Mobile Repairing Course Institute in Ramnagar, Varanasi. We provide basic; advance and Combo level Mobile Repair Course. We welcome each and every student to this innovative world and promise you a bright and prosperous future in this Course.

JP Yadav Academy is the pioneer of Mobile Repairing Course. With our industry expertise and zeal to provide 100% student satisfaction, we don’t just offer a course but for a secure career! Students after completing this course are provided with a certificate.

Being one of our Best Mobile Repair Training Institute in Ramnagar, Varanasi. The course is designed to build up the capacity of self-employment in the field of mobile handset repairing. The course includes Generations of mobile phones, components used in mobile handsets, mobile phone hardware troubleshooting (water damage, hang, charging problems, network problems, power failure, keypad problems etc.), installation of software, flashing, use of secret codes, PC based diagnostic tools.

Students should be able to troubleshoot and repair the given handset at the end of the course to avail the certificate.

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We have it what it takes to be the best. Therefore, we offer perfect opportunities to our students for associating with us. If you dream of becoming the most successful data recovery expert, then you must not think twice before joining our courses. We are available online, making it easy for you to establish contacts with us.

Introduction of Mobile Repairing 

Mobile Repairing With the growing using cell phones & significant up gradation in cell phones, organizations are demanding the high variety of specialized employees. But there is such course run by government institutions. But there are some Mobile Repairing institutes like Chiptroniks which are providing Mobile Repairing Training. So some of the curriculum of the Mobile Repairing Course:

Course Content

• GSM & CDMA organization & creation of Mobile Phone
• Frequency & Channels
• Wi-Fi, SIM, & IMEI
• Types of current
• Mobile Phone Assembly & Disassembly
• Electronic Components Overview
• Chip Level Soldering & De-soldering Mobile Phone Complete Software Repairing
• Driver Installation
• Mobile Phone S/W repairing with coding
• Chinese Mobile Phone Repairing Mobile Phone Basic Electronics & Complete Hardware Repairing
• Introduction to Electronics
• Computer Operating
• Software Repairing
• Basic Tips for Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing
• Charge
• Voltage
• Parts of Computer
• All Electronics Components Identification testing & their working
• Section of Mobile Phone
• Circuit Diagram Reading
• GSM Mobile Phone Troubleshooting
• CDMA Mobile phone Troubleshooting
• Chinese Mobile phone Troubleshooting
• Practically handset repairing
• Tips for service centre
• Live Practical Training Institute

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Mobile Repairing Course in Ramnagar

This course is fully comprehensive of all the repairing techniques important to repairing mobiles. We have chip level and card level mobile Repairing Course syllabus that focus on various repairing aspects. For students interested in gaining knowledge about both, we have designed a combo Mobile Repairing Course as well.

Mobile phones are one of the most indispensable items in today’s date. As these are widely used, they also face various issues and problems. Consequently, they are in need of repair for smooth operation. It is because of this reason that the need for specialized professionals and technicians comes into play to handle minor or major mobile phone repairing tasks. Therefore, it is an excellent idea on your part to get enrolled into a mobile repairing course in Hyderabad and enrich your knowledge and career, as a whole. The best course will comprise of theoretical and practical training to help you learn all the essential skills for servicing, repairing and maintaining mobile phones.

There is a constant demand for repairing industries for different issues in mobile phones. With the advancement in technology, the mobile phones, and their operations are also getting complicated. In the event of damage, it becomes difficult to get them back into a function because of lack of qualified technicians in this field. In such a situation, your career as a mobile repairing technician can work out to be excellent.

Why this need Mobile Repairing Course:

Anyone who wants to attend a career in mobile phone repairs can join this course. On the other hand, students that want to learn it as a hobby can also enroll in this course. There is no denying that the cellular industry is one of the fastest wing industries in the entire world.

A career in mobile servicing and repairing is fruitful in the sense that it can improve your job prospects. It might even help you start your own business and make a lucrative career.

Here are some of the major benefits that you will get from our course:

  • Short term course that will offer long-term benefits,
  • Little course fees with higher returns,
  • You need not change your current profession,
  • Teaching is conducted by certified faculty or trainers,
  • We continuously upgrade our courses to meet the growing competition and demand,
  • Less theory and more practical,
  • Free technical help and support after that,
  • Available multiple batch timing options.

Why JP Yadav Academy Mobile Repairing Course Institute?

  • Providing best training facilities.
  • We offer courses on industry-leading tools and equipment.
  • Classes are associated with practical training solutions so that you can get hands-on experience in what you learn. This, in turn, will grow your confidence in doing repairs.
  • We issued certification after the completion of training.
  • We offer special job assistance program to ensure that individuals get some of the best jobs in this field.
  • We even offer free on-going technical support.

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